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Ted's tips

* Take your concert, show or musical on tour, in Britain or abroad; it makes children aware of the need to practise so they reach a high enough standard.

* Go to a centre for a week where children can achieve something significant from scratch, such as learning a brass band instrument, making and learning to play a recorder or pipe, madrigal or folk singing, composing and performing. You will be amazed at what they can accomplish.

* Find a music museum or centre where you can see old musical instruments, hear authentic perforances from former ages, see figures and regalia from the history of popular music.

* Visit a music festival, preparing in advance by listening to, singing and playing some of the music that will be performed live.

* Go to a famous musical town, like Vienna (hear Strauss waltzes performed in the Kursaal, where he himself played The Blue Danube), Salzburg (Mozart, cathedral concerts, wonderful street quartets and brass bands), Bayreuth (Wagner), or for something more unusual try Hungary (Kod ly, Bart"k, folk music).

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