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Teens' top 10 heroes and top 10 villains

Want to win your pupils’ approval? Try shaking your booty to a chart-topping song. Equally, if you want to guarantee your pupils’ disdain, it's probably best to shake your booty to a chart-topping song.

Pop singers top the list of students’ heroes, according to new research, conducted by academics from Cardiff University. But they also dominate their list of villains, with fallen teen idol Justin Bieber amassing more pubescent disapprobation than Hitler or Osama bin Laden. The full lists are revealed in today's TES magazine.

“A lot of it seems to be to do with looks, and how they’re portrayed in the media,” said Cat Shepherd, head of English at Aldersley High School in Wolverhampton.

Read the full article in the 3 October edition of TES on your tablet or phone or by downloading the TES Reader app for Android or iOS. Or pick it up at all good newsagents.


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