Teens urged to abstain from sex

THE Government's sex education policies are undermining the authority of responsible parents, according to a new pamphlet published by a back-to-basics pressure group this week, writes Sarah Cassidy.

A British abstinence movement must be established urging teenagers to abstain from sex, drugs, alcohol and smoking, argues education consultant and research fellow Fred Naylor in a booklet published by the Campaign for Real Education.

His pamphlet, The Family Way: The Case For Abstinence Education, praises the American abstinence programmes and their recognition that the problems of adolescent sex, drinking, drug-taking and violence are linked.

Mr Naylor criticised the Government and its Social Exclusion Unit in particular, for failing to suppor traditional family values.

He argued that the unit had failed to recognise that there are many different and potentially conflicting aims of sex education.

Mr Naylor, honorary secretary of the Parental Alliance for Choice in Education, said: "There are still large numbers of traditional families in the UK but they are finding it increasingly difficult to resist hostile cultural pressures. Parents should be on their guard against children's rights activists who like to confuse legitimate "protection rights" with spurious "choice rights".

'The Family Way: The Case for Abstinence Education' by Fred Naylor is available from the Campaign for Real Education, 18 Westlands Grove, Stockton Lane, York YO31 1EF, price pound;4, including postage.

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