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Television: pick of the week

Place and People: Asia Pacific C4 Mondays, to March 24, 10.30-10.50am

This series of five films to help 14 to 17-year-olds understand environmental and development issues in Asia is now available on video (from 4Learning, PO Box 400, Wetherby, LS23 7LG); and the last three programmes, on Korea, Vietnam and Singapore, are being broadcast over the next three weeks. The film on Korea concentrates on the lives of workers employed by large multinational corporations, as well as on contrasts between town and country. In the following week, we go to Vietnam to see how tourism affects the economy and we end in Singapore, "hard drive city", to analyse the reasons for its commercial success and what will be needed to keep up the momentum. The website www.channel4.comsecondary gives programme outlines and other information, as well as questions to consider: for example, if you were Vietnam's minister for tourism, what you would do to increase the country's appeal; and whether the two young workers in the film on Korea are lucky to be working for Samsung.

INSET: Improving City Schools C4 Fridays, March 7 to 21, 10.10-10.35am

Three documentaries analyse the keys to success in two high-achieving inner-city schools, Ruffwood in Kirby, Merseyside and Dormers Wells in Ealing, west London; but the elements - good teaching, effective management, appropriate curricula and good relations with parents - can be applied in a context well beyond the inner city.

Secrets of Leadership BBC2 Fridays, from March 7, 9-9.50pm

Articulate, opinionated and provocative, Andrew Roberts is currently the most fashionable popular historian and a man who thrives on expounding big ideas. His new series starts with Hitler, a very laid-back Fuehrer who was most successful when doing less; his mistake, Roberts suggests, was to get too involved in the Russian campaign. In later weeks, he considers Churchill, Kennedy and Martin Luther King, with glancing references to Margaret Thatcher, Robert Maxwell and Saddam Hussein.

Timeline Weekend: Ultimate Guide to Mummies Discovery Civilisation Sunday, March 9, 8-9pm

The Discovery Channel's "Timeline Weekend" is all about pyramids and mummies. It includes Planet of the Pyramids (March 8, 7-8pm), exploring examples of this form of structure from Egypt to South America, and Ancient Secrets: Mummies (March 8, 8-9pm), which travels from Peru to China looking at what we can learn from preserved bodies. On the following evening, The Ultimate Guide to Mummies studies how nature and science have been able to halt the processes of decay; what happens to the human body otherwise is also graphically explained. The film, packed with information, shows how the Greek historian Herodotus' description of Egyptian mummification was successfully followed in recent times and how actual preservation can be replaced by virtual imaging for the purposes of medical training and scientific research.

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