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Television: Pick of the week

What? Where? When? Why?

BBC2 Thursdays, September 11 to October9, 11.05-11.20am

The Happy Gang sets off for the woods with four questions and a song on their lips to find out about Scotland's forests and the creatures that inhabit them, in this environmental studies series for five to seven-year-olds. From October 2, the Gang is out of the woods, investigating different kinds of Scottish schools and contrasting the lives of children in town and country. Teachers' notes at

Postcards: Kenya

BBC2 Thursdays, September 11 to October9, 11.20-11.30am

A well-established primary geography strand offers this attractive five-part series for seven to eleven-year-olds about life and natural resources in Kenya. Joseph Warungu introduces us to two girls: Evangeline who lives on a farm "up country" and Nana who lives in a pleasant suburb of Nairobi. Their homes and daily lives are the subject of the first three programmes, and wider questions of the Kenya economy and tourism are dealt with later.

Key Stage 2 Science Chips

BBC2 Fridays, from September 12, 10.50-11am

Twelve ten-minute programmes for seven to nine-year olds, using material from the BBC and other sources to provide a neat and flexible resource, linked to the science modules in the national curriculum. The term starts with teeth and eating, and ends with light and shadow. In between, we have clips on growing plants, characteristics of materials, magnets, springs, friction and much more.

Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

BBC2 Thursdays, from September 4, 9.00-9.50pm

These very promising drama-documentaries on crucial moments in the industrial revolution started with Brunel building the "Great Eastern". The other six concern the Bell Rock Lighthouse, the London sewerage system, the American Transcontinental Railway, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Panama Canal and the Hoover Dam - plenty of good material here for secondary history.

Full listings can be found th.shtmlwww.channel4.comlearningmainprogrammestv_schedule.htm

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