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Temp turmoil

Regarding your report last week, "Delayed retirement not to blame for NQT jobs dearth", I write to say I have been teaching for seven years on supply and have tried hard to secure permanent work.

I want to add to your discussion by pointing out that I have been replaced in my temporary position by a retired teacher from another authority who has been given a temporary contract; I have been left with no work as a result.

I believe education authorities are now allowed to do this, because they are not allowed to ask a person's age on an application form since it would infringe age discrimination laws. I know of at least two retired teachers who have been given contracts in the same authority.

"Voluntary" retired teachers also come into schools to help out. While it is nice of them to give up their time, it is putting supply teachers out of work.

The way temporary teachers are treated is immoral and unfair. Councils should not be allowed to re-employ teachers once they retire: perhaps this is why teachers are happy to take early retirement, as your report stated, because they know that they will be taken on as temporary teachers.

Name and address supplied.

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