The tenor of stressful times

As a "tenor geographer" I was interested to read "Baritone biologist" (Friday magazine, October 9).

In addition to my full-time teaching timetable at Wolverley High School, near Kidderminster, I am a tenor lay clerk (adult chorister) in Worcester Cathedral Choir. Of the 10 lay clerks at Worcester, four are teachers. We spend around 10 hours a week singing with the choir, excluding individual practice.

As Dr White explains, many of the skills associated with singing can be readily transferred to the classroom. Variations in tone, pitch and volume can all be effectively used with the speaking as well as the singing voice. A familiarity with performing also gives singing teachers a certain presence in front of a class.

In addition, singing in the cathedral is a fantastic release from the stresses and strains of a day's teaching.

James D Manship Flat 7 65 Battenhall Road Worcester

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