Languages - Stories make learning easy

6th May 2011 at 01:00

The TES "Primary languages" collection has a growing number of resources to help teachers introducing children to French, German and Spanish in primary school.

There are plenty of resources to introduce phonics in other languages, including a three-lesson "francophoniques" plan that covers all the different French phonemes (rhawkes), and a poem about going to the zoo where pupils have to work out which animal nouns rhyme (rosaespanola). Rhawkes has also uploaded her phonics resources on German and Spanish.

For stimulating classroom displays, Sandra1972's resource includes flags of all the French-speaking countries in the world.

There are stories available in French, German and Spanish. Rubiales has supplied a PowerPoint version of La Petite Poule Rouge (The Little Red Hen), which helps introduce the names of animals in French.

The Northumberland Grid for Learning, meanwhile, has put together two versions of the Three Little Pigs in French and German, where pupils can even choose how the story ends. There is also a version of Sleeping Beauty in Spanish (Malena113).

Songs are an easy entry point for primary pupils to learn a language. FrauSue has come up with a song to the tune of The Addams Family theme, which looks at what pupils like to eat and drink. There's also a version in French of Old MacDonald had a Farm, which includes a song-sheet and an MP3 file so pupils can listen.

To teach the words for colours in Spanish, meanwhile, there's a song to the tune of Is this the way to Amarillo?, which pupils will enjoy (juanita72).

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