Natural Scotland highlights science

22nd February 2013 at 00:00
Four specialist centres are embarking on a year of special events. Elizabeth Buie reports

A national programme of science events and exhibitions will take place across the country to celebrate the Year of Natural Scotland, the Culture Secretary, Fiona Hyslop, announced last week.

Backed by #163;40,000 of government funding, activities will take place in Scotland's four science centres in 2013. Highlights will include:

- a series of community and school events celebrating sustainable living and new technologies at Dundee Science Centre;

- a festival focusing on sustainable science at Glasgow Science Centre, with hands-on workshops and "meet the expert" sessions;

- workshops and exhibitions at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh celebrating Scotland's natural environment;

- a "Green Energy Discovery Weekend" and a symposium for primary pupils at Aberdeen's Satrosphere Science Centre.

The programme is being coordinated by Dundee Science Centre. Linda Leuchars, head of science learning and public engagement, said: "At Dundee Science Centre, we will give specific focus to the theme of 'Green Communities' - working with our partners to deliver meet-the-expert events for school and public visitors to engage in a range of ideas relating to low carbon and sustainable living, from domestic energy usage to new technologies."

Glasgow Science Centre's chief executive, Stephen Breslin, said: "Our programme features wind-power generation and explores the science behind this hot topic. We'll be able to look at the natural environment and humanity's influences on it, bring in experts to discuss their specialism with the public, deliver workshops to explore the science behind wind, and learn about the flora and fauna that make their homes on the wind farm estates."

The centre will also be creating modules on these themes aligned to Curriculum for Excellence, Dr Breslin said.

Further details about the programmes will be announced by each individual science centre in due course.

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