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TES editorial: 'This morning's A-level results are a big win for teachers, not a green light for more meddling'

Ann Mroz, TES editor, writes: 

These results are truly a reflection of the commitment of teachers, heads and school staff in the face of near-constant meddling by governments of all hues in the exams system. 

Despite predictions that the latest changes to the way exams are organised would lead to unstable national results today, early indications suggest that this has not proven to be the case. 

This is no small achievement by schools. Teachers and school leaders must be congratulated for rolling with the punches – after all, the cohort of students who picked up their results this morning were faced with changes to the exams they were undertaking AFTER they’d started the programmes of study. 

This, however, should not be seen as a green light for further meddling and uncertainty. As the Girls’ Day Schools Trust’s Kevin Stannard pointed out yesterday, many questions still remain about 2015’s A-level reforms and this is leading to yet more instability. These must be resolved urgently. 

This morning’s results should be seen as a big win for the teaching profession – and not for the government. Congratulations.

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