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Teachers discuss Margaret Thatcher's Death

- Whatever your politics, a formidable woman. RIP.


- Even though I lean more to the Left now than I did when I was younger, I was very sad to read this.


- I disliked Margaret Thatcher and hated much of what she did. Wishing ill of others is unbecoming to educated, civilised people, however.


- I disagreed with her *many* principles but she held principles and that is something to be admired. In this day and age, where holding a principle is anathema to a politician, that made her formidable.


- I can't forget the way she ripped apart the lives of working people.


- She had two principles: be condescending to the poor, and be a poodle to the rich.


- Never forgotten, never forgiven.


- Condolences to her family. I never agreed with her and hated much of what she stood for, but she was indeed formidable and stood up for what she believed in.


- Thatcher inspired either adulation or utter loathing, in roughly equal measure, and there was almost no fence-sitting regarding her.

bonkers 704

- Apparently she wasn't in favour of cremation, so the lady's not for burning.



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