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TES Forums - How should the spending cuts be made?


The front line doesn't have to suffer. We can make cuts without affecting the education of the students, and it's not hard to see where. Let's get rid of all the people in non-jobs - consulting, and delivering terrible training days on rubbish. People who charge hundreds of pounds a day to get 12 students through an exam, or the same amount to work with the head on scraping through Ofsted. Or is that too simple?


At the end of the last financial year, there was around #163;2 billion left sitting in school bank accounts. If the Government simply clawed back all of this money, there would be no need for any cuts in education.


With looming cuts considered inevitable, the time has come to question the need for heads. The majority of heads spend very little time on frontline teaching, so couldn't their admin role be covered by an admin manager? The millions could be spent on more qualified teachers, smaller teaching groups and less bureaucracy.


I think you have to be careful, because the bean counters don't like students re-sitting exams, they don't like textbooks - as they're expensive - and they don't like paying teachers during holidays.


They could privatise school car parks and put rubbish headteachers in charge of them. I'm sure that some failed heads would make excellent car- park attendants and they'd have a uniform that would surely suit them.

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