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TES Forums - 'Leaves me and the kids I teach in the mire"

TES Forum members comment on the proposed Conservative exams reform

TES Forum members comment on the proposed Conservative exams reform


  • Ahhh, the third week of August is upon us and so the standard politicians' technique of attacking the exam system begins. Why oh why can't they all just leave us alone?
    • emperor_katan

      • I always thought Michael Gove was a weak link for the Conservatives.
        • mountainpaddy

          • It will send school planning into a tailspin; vocational courses, building expectations and giving all types of students a chance for success has been important to my school's (tough, low-achieving) strategy. (It's) fine if your child is in that group or you actually teach them. Leaves me and the kids I teach in the mire.
            • bigteacher

              • There can be little doubt that some A-levels are much more difficult than others, and that they have all gotten easier over the years. Students are encouraged to take the exams that will best reflect on the school, not those that are in their best interests.
                • DM

                  • The diploma has had such a shaky start, I can't see it surviving this blow if the Tories win the general election.
                    • rose

                      • (Mr Gove is) dead right and only the seriously deluded would attempt to put together a denial. Our "young people" have not become brighter, nor do they work harder than those who have gone before.
                        • thebigonion

                          • If we wish A-levels to be merely academic, then yes, we should let non- academic subjects wither and bring back relative marking so only top students get top marks. If A-levels are to be gateway qualifications to HE, not all "established" disciplines are applicable. If my burning desire is to be a programmer in C++, why should I need an A-level in history, English, biblical Hebrew or physics?

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