The magazine podcast: Complex topics, behaviour, sex ed

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Tes magazine debrief podcast: Teaching beyond ability, behaviour and sex education

In this week's episode of the Tes magazine debrief podcast, we discuss:

  • What happens if you teach university-level content to Year 7s.
  • Why every school needs a "behaviour beast".
  • Whether sex education should continue in post-16 education.
  • And why a new mug could be the perfect gift for teachers, maybe...
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13 November issue

  • The complex causes of distraction in classrooms – and ways to stop it;
  • Why doughnut leadership is a must.
  • How to cast your nativity play more fairly.
  • A new initiative connecting classrooms to care homes.

6 November issue

  • The self-diagnosis crisis hitting schools.
  • Why smiling – even fake smiling – is so important in teaching, and what face masks do to disrupt that.
  • How Covid-19 restrictions are hitting the social fabric of colleges.


30 October issue

  • A huge forgotten research project from the 1970s that proved the value of Direct Instruction – or did it?
  • How we can use our fists to teach pupils to regulate their anger.
  • The funny walk we all do as we approach a stage.
  • Teachers' scariest school moments ahead of Hallowe'en.

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