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'TES tells me why Ido like Mondays'

An RE teacher at an independent girls' school will be arriving at school in style after winning a brand new VW Beetle in last month's spot-the-TES contest.

Jacinta Norton, who teaches at Holy Trinity college, in Bromley, Kent, correctly pinpointed The TES in square 4F, on a blue chair to the left of the radiator in the picture.

Mrs Norton said: "I was stunned but delighted when I got the news. I've never won anything large like this before. It's always been small competitions in the past."

Entrants were also asked to complete the following sentence: I can't live without The TES every Friday because ...

Clearly a teacher who is happy in her job, Mrs Norton answered: "I can't live without The TES every Friday because it tells me why I do like Mondays."

Mrs Norton said: "I'm a regular reader of The TES. I do love my job, and the paper helps me keep in touch with new ideas. It stops me from getting stale, and helps me to like my job even on the days when I don't.

"I usually use public transport to get to school, so it's going to be wonderful having the Beetle, especially with all the paraphernalia I carry to school with me each day."

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