TES Young poet of the week

This poem was one of a very good group sent in by Ralph Hawkins. I like Sarah's in particular because it goes several steps beyond the fairly ordinary idea it starts with - that anger is fiery. Sarah's sister becomes huge - a volcano, a sun - and, like most giants, a little clumsy; she cooks herself in her own steam. There are lots of good f and s sounds in the poem to enhance all the fuming and spitting. Best of all though, is the picture of the resourceful little sister cooking marshmallows instead of attempting to ask what the matter might be. Surely, a wise course for anyone with a raging colossus in the family.


Fire is like my sister's head

She;s hotter than the sun

A volcano has errupted inside her fuming veins

I see larva steaming out out of her wind pipe

Everywhere she treads fire has spat

Steam rises and cooks her

Everywhere I look it's blurry

I roast marshmallows in her footsteps


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