TES Young Poet Of The Week

A Walk on the Assembly Side Amazing grace how sweet the sound Er er de der dum de der dum de dum Oh that's it One nil one nil one nil one nil.

That saved a wreck like me Ah ah I think I've got pins and needles Stamp your feet, that helps, I once was lost stamp stamp but now I'm found stamp stamp was blind But now I see stamp stamp, Through many toils . . .

What does toils mean anyway?

Does it mean trouble And then why not say so?

Who wrote this silly song anyway?

Some person who was very bored?

By Moira Graham, 12, who receives Matthew Sweeney's The Flying Spring Onion. Submitted by Angela Rayner of Trinity Catholic High School, Woodford Green, Essex, who receives the Poetry Society's teachers' newsletter. For Poetry Society events, ring 071 240 4810. Please submit poems, up to 20 lines, by March 31 for the summer term, when the guest poet will be Michael Rosen.

I've always believed that there is a place for humour in poetry, especially if it's an irreverent, satirical humour like this. I love the way the poem piggybacks on the rhythms of the song, and the "de dum", "stamp stamp" substitutions. I could have done without the repeated "anyway" at the end, but the whole thing is cheeky and different.

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