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propedagogy - Building Learning Power

Professor Claxton first introduced the idea of learning power in his 1999 book Wise Up: The challenge of Lifelong Learning.

In 2002 came Building Learning Power, a book which set out to be a practical guide for teachers.

The new book The Learning Powered School is co-authored by Professor Guy Claxton, together with Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell and Bill Lucas. It explores how the ideas have developed since the programme's launch.

More details on the books can be found at: www.buildinglearningpower.com


More details about Language Futures can be found at:


An alternative profile on the Al Jisr scheme:



Paul Dix is author of `Taking Care of Behaviour' (PearsonLongman) and lead trainer at www.pivotaleducation.com He is on Twitter: @PivotalPaul

Tom Bennett's blog


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London, and author (with Stefan Ramaekers) of The Claims of Parenting; Reasons, Responsibility and Society, Springer, 2011


Full text of Exploring English Character, by Geoffrey Gorer



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