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TESpro links and references - 130112

All the weblinks and references from the January 13 2012 edition of TESpro in one place

All the weblinks and references from the January 13 2012 edition of TESpro in one place


What can the military teach schools?


The `brave' man in the early years: examining the ambiguities of being a male role model

Simon Brownhill

University of Derby

Evaluation of SkillForce


Research into the US Troops to Teachers programme



Schools can try the dyscalculia games for themselves at

Videos from the Whizz Kids workshop are at:


The neuroscience of talented pupils


Kalbfleisch, M. L. (2004): Functional neural anatomy of talent. Anat Rec B New Anat277: 21-36.

Liu, T., Xiao, T., Shi, J., and Zhao, D. Response preparation and cognitive control of highly intelligent children: a Go-Nogo event-related potential study. Neuroscience180: 122-8.

Liu, T., Xiao, T., Shi, J., and Zhao, L. Sensory gating, inhibition control and child intelligence: an event-related potentials study. Neuroscience189: 250-7.

Maguire, E. A., Gadian, D. G., Johnsrude, I. S., Good, C. D., Ashburner, J., Frackowiak, R. S., and Frith, C. D. (2000): Navigation-related structural change in the hippocampi of taxi drivers. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A97: 4398-403.

Thompson, P. M., Cannon, T. D., Narr, K. L., van Erp, T., Poutanen, V. P., Huttunen, M., Lonnqvist, J., Standertskjold-Nordenstam, C. G., Kaprio, J., Khaledy, M., Dail, R., Zoumalan, C. I., and Toga, A. W. (2001): Genetic influences on brain structure. Nat Neurosci4: 1253-8.

Tom Bennett's blog

To pose your questions to our behaviour experts, add a new thread here:


- Selective mutism

Silent voices: listening to young people with selective mutism, by Victoria Roe

How teachers should respond to a selectively mute child in school, by Victoria Roe


Selective Mutism Group

Selective Mutism Information and Research Association


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