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TESpro links and references - 170212

All the weblinks and references from the February 17 2012 edition of TESpro in one place

All the weblinks and references from the February 17 2012 edition of TESpro in one place



* The full report is Talking for Success: Widening Access to Educational Opportunities through Teaching Children how to Reason Together. Final report to the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, March 2004. Rupert Wegerif, Neil Mercer, Karent Littleton, Denise Rowe and Lyn Dawes. The names used in this article are the same as used in the report, but they had already been altered to preserve children's anonymity.

* The Framework for the National Curriculum - A report by the Expert Panel for the National Curriculum review

* DES (1975) A language for life (the Bullock Report) London HMSO

* Marenbon, J (1987), The New Orthodoxy Examined (taken from English Our English published by CPS) published in Brindley, S (ed) (1994) Teaching English, Open University. Milton Keynes.

* Hirsch (1996) The Effects of Weaknesses in Oral Language on Reading Comprehension Growth cited in Torgesen, J. (2004). Current issues in assessment and intervention for younger and older students. Paper presented at the NASP Workshop.

* Hart, B. and Risley, T. (2003). The early catastrophe: The 30 million word gap by 3. American Educator, 27(1), 4-9.


S is for sanctions and success

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