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Test your Doric

Fit like? How are you?

Nae bad Fine, thank you

Far d'ye bide? Where do you live?

Fit's a dae? What's wrong with you?

Fit's it a aboot? What's it all about?

Ken fit a mean? Do you know what I mean?

Hud gan Keep going (as in "Keep going straight along this road.") aa'wise everywhere

bosie a hug

bibblie nibbit runny nose

chavin'chavin' awaachavin' on working away (same old routine)

dubsdubby mudmuddy

durlin' throbbing

loons and quines boys and girls

the morn's morn tomorrow morning

bumpin' yer gums complaining

gype idiot

minker dirty or disgusting person. Can be shortened to "mink"

nae wise a bit stupid

skitey slippery

Slater! See you later!

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