Test yourself: Key stage 2 English Sats

Would you pass a key stage 2 Sats test? Try this mini version to find out.

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The questions are adapted from the 2016 sample English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers published by the DfE Standards & Testing Agency.

  1. Underline the longest possible noun phrase in the sentence below.

    That book about the Romans was interesting.

  2. Tick one box in each row to show whether the word after is used as a subordinating conjunction or as a preposition.


  3. Underline the verb form that is in the present perfect in the passage below.

    Rachel loves music and has wanted to learn how to play the piano for years. She was hoping for piano lessons, and was delighted when her parents gave her a keyboard for her birthday.

  4. Circle all the pronouns in the sentence below.

    They bought new jumpers for themselves and a warm scarf for Dad.

  5. Circle the two words in the sentence below that are synonyms of each other.

    He was lucky to win first prize – he knew it was fortunate that his closest rival had decided not to take part.


  6. What does the root struct mean in the word family below?

    destruction      structure      reconstruct

    (a) break

    (b) build

    (c) carry

    (d) touch


  7. What does the word others refer to in the passage below?

    Some plants, such as sunflowers, die in winter. Others, such as daffodils, survive as bulbs underground.

    (a) plants

    (b) sunflowers

    (c) daffodils

    (d) bulbs


  8. Circle all the determiners in the sentence below.

    Two apple trees screened the open windows on one side.


  9. Complete the sentence below so that it uses the subjunctive form.

    If I __________ to have one wish, it would be for good health.


  10. Which sentence is written in the active voice?

    (a) The book was returned to the library yesterday.

    (b) The assembly was held in the hall.

    (c) The bad weather led to the cancellation.

    (d) The floods were caused by the heavy rain.

    The answers are in italic below.






1.) That book about the Romans was interesting.
Question 2 answer
3.) has wanted
4.) they; themselves
5.) lucky; fortunate
6.) b
7.) a
8.) two; the; one

9.) were
10.) c


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