It's the end of term. Students are leaving for the holidays. If you don't get their textbooks back, your headof department will beupset.

* Make sure that every book you issue is indelibly marked as school property and carries an individual code.

* Record the codes against names in your mark books as you give them out. Call pupils out and do this individually so they see your serious intent.

* If the books have been used before, ask pupils to show you any damage and record it. This discourages further abuse and protects the innocent.

* Try to use books regularly ad consistently.

* If the books are not going home, leave time at the end of the lesson to collect them methodically.

* Keep books for whichyou are responsible in a locked cupboard. Assume that even your mostsaintly colleague willborrow textbooks under pressure.

* Check that your department has a consistent procedure for dealingwith lost books - a letter home requestingpart-payment often yields results.

* Books are meant to be used, and they travel a lot, so be understanding, but be seen to follow up all cases of lost or damaged books.


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