Thank God it's Friday

Monday - My alarm fails to go off so I wake late, at 7.45am. But I manage to get into school with most of my money, school books and sanity intact. First lesson is history - the American West. One idiotic boy who makes stupid comments about naked Indians is ignored by the teacher for the millionth time this term. I can't help but feel that if the lesson was taught in a less formulaic way, and the students allowed to interact with the topic more, said boy would respond more positively.

Tuesday - My mother makes an effective alarm clock. Today we have religious studies, which my best friend says is pointless because the discussions never come to a conclusion. It's my favourite subject. I feel my friend is missing the point, but don't quite know why. I enjoy the debates in RS, but maybe we should study other religions apart from Christianity. The one Muslim girl in my class can never contribute.

Wednesday - There's a big scandal over whether two of the teachers are having it off. Our conclusion is that they could be, but breakaway groups of gossips say no. I almost wish I wasn't going home to GCSE revision on my own this evening.

Thursday - Apart from French, I have my least favourite subjects today: biology, chemistry and IT. We have a new French assistante, who helps us with our pronunciation. This breaks up the monotony of the lesson - which means we're more interested and, therefore, more receptive to teaching.

Friday - I wake up to a working alarm clock as I've stayed over at a friend's. Biology today, where we're measured and weighed to collect information for a class project on continuous variation. This is amusing, especially when the teacher tries (unsuccessfully) to be politically correct and puts data for the boys in the same graph as for the girls, causing the wrong graph shape. She has to do it again. I'm horrified that the geography department seems to know the particulars of my relationship with my boyfriend, and discover that teachers gossip more than pupils. I'm glad to be home for the weekend.

Sarah Kershaw Sarah Kershaw is a Year 11 pupil at a school in Shropshire.

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