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Thank God it's Friday

Monday It's the last day before exam leave. The rest of Year 11 are either bawling their eyes out or trashing our form room, venting the feelings that the end of term brings to some pupils. Surely they can't have forgotten we have exams in two days? They're acting as though it's the summer holiday.

Ah well, exam leave has to be more fun than staying at school, hasn't it?

Tuesday I have never been so bored. As my teacher parents leave the house this morning, they both advise me to work hard. Ha! I'm quite sure my gravestone will read: "Here lies Eve, nice girl but lacked the ability to work hard."

Wednesday I'm enduring another day at home with my cat. I never knew she was so demanding - is it really necessary for her to leave and then re-enter a room 15 times before lunch? Bring on the exams.

Thursday Finally, I get out of the house. I cannot believe my textiles exam comes as a welcome relief. But I'm so excited to be participating in something that doesn't make my brain go numb that I forget all my stationery and am consequently late. I have to ask my little sister's friend if I can borrow a ruler. I really am a pathetic person.

Friday Last night I went to a celebratory sleepover, (for the completion of the first exam), and stayed up until 4.30am. Big mistake. My jubilation continues as I drag myself around the shopping centre, half-asleep and still trying to focus. Gone are the days when I revel in spare time.

September can't come fast enough. Coursework is a beautiful thing.

Eve Langford is in Year 11 at Bridgnorth endowed school, Shropshire

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