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That's a result?;Diary

There used to be something called the silly season when newspapers printed tales of singing dogs and footballing nuns. This has been replaced by the results season which this year sees an even more frenzied bout of self promotion on the part of schools and colleges. Like all papers, high or lowly, The TES is bombarded by fax machines as schools join the quest for yet more print acreage.

At Danum school in Doncaster we learn there are some commendable achievements in mathematics A-level, so commendable that "pupils were ecstatic about their results and expressed their gratitude to the teachers at Danum for their hard work".

The arrival of e-mail threatens to make matters worse. One nameless 17-year-old clearly didn't trust his teachers to be sufficiently persistent and contacted us direct from his bedroom with tidings of his six A-level grade As and work placement at the National Grid laboratories. "I felt you may be interested," he writes. The Diary says "well done".

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