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Theatre: Let their stories be heard

London International Festival of Theatre Various venues, until June 21

A Palestinian band of travelling players performs a modern folk story from the back of a truck in primary school playgrounds in Southwark, south London. A group of young, unaccompanied refugees from around the world share their stories of journeys from lands far away through songs, poetry and movement. British secondary pupils create whimsical exhibitions for the Natural History Museum about humans' categorisations of other living things and an adventure story about an 11-year-old inheriting a kingdom carries the message that running a country is too important to be left to grown-ups.

What do these productions have in common? They all deal, in different ways, with the concept of the rights of children and young people to have their voices heard. And they are all being presented as part of Lift 2003.

Full preview in this week's TES Friday magazine


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