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They said ..

`Kids to get GCSE French without speaking French' - The Sun

We say .

It is true that oral exams are due to be dropped from modern language GCSEs at the recommendation of the Government and a review by Lord Dearing.

But pupils' speaking skills will continue to be assessed, just over a longer period. So they will probably spend far more time speaking French, as they will have to demonstrate their abilities more often than in just one 10-minute test, for which they can rehearse.

But it is a different matter for the GCSE modern languages short-course exam, worth half a normal GCSE. An analysis by The TES in December found that pupils who do the qualification, which starts next year, will be able to choose between taking the course in either the written or spoken language.

So if The Sun had written about that qualification, it would have been correct. But it didn't. Tant pis.

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