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'Outcry at pupils forced to make Muslim pizza' - The Express.

Although Britain has several Muslim-run pizza parlours, we are unaware of a dish titled "Muslim pizza" (or even Pizza Islamita). And pupils at Oakwood Technology College in Rotherham were certainly not forced to make one.

The pupils in a cookery class were asked to discuss what types of pizza would be suited to different people's needs. Jan Charters, the headteacher, said that religious beliefs were just one issue raised and that pupils also discussed allergies, personal taste and dietary issues such as vegetarianism. They were then allowed to make a pizza.

The "outcry" seems to stem from a complaint by one parent, whose daughter brought home a meat-free pizza - not one, it should be noted, that had a halal topping. The pizza may well have appealed to a group at least twice as large as the UK's Muslim population: vegetarians.

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