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Think about education

Martin Rogers' article (TES, July 22) argues that Labour needs to produce a more powerful long-term vision of the system it provides. The reason for the failure Mr Rogers cites is made explicable by Jon Slater's article.

Mr Slater refers to Labour's overt intention to supplant educational ideology with a dedication to "what works", and shows how the plan to base policy on research findings has collapsed due to the refusal of many academics to engage with policy-makers.

What we need are politicians informed enough - and brave enough - to assert a thorough educational philosophy so that educators know what they are expected to deliver and consumers know what they can expect to receive.

If the Government is to provide a clear rationale behind its policies, it needs to give academics the time to think. And, for their part, academics must fulfil their responsibility to engage in policy-making.

Rebecca Greeves Magdalene College Cambridge

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