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Thoughtless curriculum

The chief inspector's discovery of a two-tier curriculum is a highly predictable bombshell.

The Government's complete eschewal of curriculum thought has created overload pressures - and those pressures pull in very different directions.

Teaching to the test (English, maths, and science to some degree) is a rational strategy for schools who fully understand that other areas (history, music, art, geography, etc) are vastly less important. No coherent philosophy of education underpins the curriculum and the two-tier curriculum is the result.

The primary national strategy might pour oil rather than vinegar over the two-tier wounds of school life. We shall see. But eventually a full curricular review will need to take place. This part of educational life needs to be firmly committed to the past.

Roy Hughes


The Historical Association Primary Committee

1 Greenside

Frodsham, Cheshire

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