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Three steps from sink to success


Sept 2000: Kings Manor, Guildford, becomes Kings College run by 3Es. Only 40 of its 180 places were filled in 1999. Its roll then included 50 pupils had been been excluded from other Guildford schools. GCSE passes have gone from 15 per cent to 36 per cent.


Sept 2001:France Hill, Camberley, becomes King's International also run by 3Es. The previous year it attracted only 120 pupils for 210 places. This year, there were 212 applicants. GCSE passes dropped in July because of a poor cohort but it is optimistic about 2003.


Sept 2002: Abbeylands in Addlestone is relaunched as Jubilee High run by Nord Anglia, the Manchester firm run by Kevin McNeany. Last year it signed up only 60 pupils; this year it got 120 through its doors.

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