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Threshold angst

THE threshold assessor visited this week. Documentary evidence was requested from four of the seven teachers who applied to cross it. That resulted in yet more angst for overworked staff Every teacher was, rightly, given the thumbs up, but it had cost them around 50 hours each to jump through this hoop: 20 hours was not uncommon for comple- tion of the application form and another 30 were required to get all the evidence together for the assessor's visit. This was time which had to be found in an already busy term so it was a case of lost weekends and even later evenings for th selected four.

I was also surprised when the threshold assessor asked questions regarding performance manage- ment in the school. I naively believed that this is a management issue and its success or otherwise quite separate from the question as to whether teaching staff satisfied the criteria to pass the threshold.

Hidden agendas and devious policing of government policy do not sit comfortably with the notion of trusting headtcachers.

SW Hannath


St Bartholomew's CE School

The Rosary

Wootton Bassett

Swindon, Wilts

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