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Throwing a sickie

Q: I'm thinking of applying for a new job, which will be my first move since qualifying. The advert encourages a visit to the school, but how do I do this when I'm working full-time? Do I tell my head that I'm off to visit a school for a potential job? Do I go in my PPA time, or make up a doctor's appointment? I'll have to tell the head if I apply for a new job, but I don't want to tell him now.

A: Honesty is best. Why are you thinking of moving after a year? If you are certain you want to change, what will happen if you throw a sickie and then don't get it? Will you have to repeat the process until you are successful? The staffroom grapevine is likely to know what you are doing. The head of the school you visit could ring your head and mention it. You're a professional, recognise the need to exhibit certain standards of conduct even if you deem them to be to your disadvantage in the short-term.

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