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Ticked off by A-level slurs

The A-level results may have led some to complain that the system is worthless and that the exams were harder when they were younger, but such comments undermine the work that teachers, sixth-form heads and students put into their studies.

More importantly, these comments also ignore the challenges the post-16 sector is facing. The number of people taking A-level exams continues to rise and will only climb further as colleges prepare for the raising of the participation age to 18 by 2015.

With more students coming into the sector, the onus will be on staff to make sure that students are on the right courses from the start and that they continue to monitor and track their performance throughout their studies. Staff must be given the tools and support to ensure that future generations pass their exams first time. This will require time, resources and planning.

Kate Reynolds, Chief executive, Learning Plus UK.

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