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Tim Ryland

"Probably the most powerful learning technology of our time" was how one academic at the CAL conference described gaming. A recent trip to Tim Ryland's (above) primary classroom in rural Chew Magna underlined that for Offline. Exemplary language work was prompted by immersion in a darkened, atmospheric classroom charmed by the unearthly visuals and sounds of Revelation, a superior adventure game. The next lesson, scoring music created in 2Simple Music Toolbox and More Musical Monsters (QD), upped the wow factor even further. But Bath Spa's Joe Moretti went off the scale by getting one group to write music to video clips - in just one hour - with Bath's MusicKey software for LogicAudio. What did you do in school today Dwayne? I scored a movie dad. Cool. Watch out for forthcoming full reports in TES Teacher.

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