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Time for another Warnock;Letter

George Thomson's call for "A new Warnock for the millennium" (March 20) is most welcome. Since 1973 when the Warnock Committee was set up, support for learning has changed a great deal and there is indeed a need for a full review. Now is the time for both a consolidation of legislation and a clear focus for the next 25 years.

This year also marks the silver jubilee of the foundation of the Scottish Support for Learning Association, a uniquely Scottish organisation that has already picked up the challenge for a review. It has just established an open "special needs summit" in Aviemore at the end of April.

Where the association and Professor Thomson perhaps differ is rather than starting with a new consolidated Education Act led from "the top", they see a need for debate and proposals driven by all those involved in support for effective learning and the welfare of learners. Contributions to this debate will be welcome from all quarters.

Bill Sadler

Woodside Avenue Grantown-on-Spey, Morayshire

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