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Time off - Book

My Word is My Bond, Roger Moore

Sean Connery's biographers used up Neither Shaken nor Stirred so it's only fitting that Roger Moore, traditionally regarded as second in the 007 pecking order, opted for the next best option for My Word is My Bond, his autobiography about life as a sex symbol.

While Connery is normally revered as the ultimate Bond, for those of us who grew up with him there's no substitute for Moore, an oily smarmboat whose raised eyebrows and murmured innuendos transformed Bond into the trashy comedy figure he was meant to be.

Anyone who can say the lines: "Mrs Anders, I didn't recognise you with your clothes on" and pocket wads of cash without so much as a flicker of embarrassment surely deserves our respect.

And, cashing in on that, this tome promises to lift the lid on his glitzy career (The Saint, The Persuaders), turbulent personal life and Hollywood friendships, in a way that claims to be "as frank, funny and disarmingly charming as the legend himself".

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