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Time to boycott marking of exams

YOUR June 1 issue had several articles highlighting the stresses and strains of our national testing and exam regime.

Congratulations to Rose Heiney (aged 16 and three-quarters) for her beautifully written piece ("AS-levels broadens backsides not minds"). Other articles laid bare the devastating effects of this testing madness on teacher recruitment, extra-curricular activity, and stress levels.

Assessment always threatened to be the tail wagging the dog in English education but now it is totallyout of control.

Chris Little, examiner at the OCR board, makes the same point ("Counting the cost of exams"). He, at least, can influence matters. Tests need to be marked and it is teachers who mark them. If teachers feel as I do they can simply refuse to participate in this testing industry. So come on Chris! Take some positive action to make the policy-makers see sense.

Michael Carding


Bishop Heber high school

Chester Road, Malpas, Cheshire

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