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Time out

Andrew Lane is head teacher at Heckington St Andrews Church of England Primary School in Lincolnshire

"Although we are here for the children to enjoy a day of art, we are also here for staff development, to promote creative arts in the curriculum.

Together with colleagues from Rauceby, Kirkby-la-Thorpe and Walcott primary schools, I felt a day seeing how the children could benefit would be a useful preliminary to a training day on creative arts.

At Heckington, we are keen to bring art into other areas of the curriculum.

The day at Patchings has really enthused us and we are picking up ideas for incorporating art into history, for instance, by using basic weaving techniques for looking at Viking life. Or we could use what we learn about colour in science.

What has really impressed me has been the social skills. The children all work well together and are obviously interested, listening intently and following instructions, but finding pleasure in producing their own work.

One or two boys who I thought might find it hard going have told me how much they are enjoying it."

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