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Time out

Jo Owen is deputy head and a Year 2 teacher at Summerfield primary school in Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire

We have been learning about sound and the senses at school and two years ago I had been to Eureka, where there was a workshop on the subject. I thought it would be good for the children to come to this, which was the next best thing. The performance was very entertaining and the children were very attentive, which is vital.

The messages were clear and put over in a very imaginative way. The children listened and responded well. It is a class that tends to respond to practical situations, so to have all this going on really suited the children.

The part I thought was a bit difficult was the explanation of the circulation of the blood using the red and blue balls. Children found this hard, as it is quite a difficult concept to grasp. They would remember passing the coloured balls round, but not really understand why. That's something we could take up in the classroom, though with this age group I might be tempted to gloss over it.

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