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Time to say enough is enough

IT WAS with a great deal of sadness that I read of the suicide of Pamela Relf.

For a lot of people teaching is more a part of life than just a job. For a stranger, who has probably never stood in front of a class, to tell her that she is lacking as a teacher after 35 years in the profession is unbelievable, and was obviously the last straw for her.

But I am left wondering how many others are suffering stress or depression brought about by the barrage of criticism and ever-increasing workload. A situation tha looks set to worsen through the ill-advised introduction of performance management.

How many others will have to result to medication, resignation or even suicide before teachers finally stand together and demand real change. I believe governments have capitalised for too long on teachers' "unwillingness" to take action, but perhaps Miss Relf should stand as an example of what can happen, and send a warning to all that ultimately we must look after ourselves.

L Wright

143 Bilton Road, Rugby

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