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Time to stop the copycatting

I trust you are aware of the recent tragic suicide of Stewart Logan, head of English at Rothesay Academy, after an allegation of assault from a pupil and immediate suspension pending investigation.

This kind of allegation is becoming very, very common. Copycatting goes on at least in my school and no one seems to care about the impact of this on a profession where many are already stressed out beyond belief and struggling with depression etc.

I feel The TES Scotland should publicise the extent of this problem and call for a review into the way kids who are persistently abusive just seem to go their own sweet way. Little or anything is done as they wreak havoc with our lives, while management's hands are tied by ludicrous policies or they just don't care.

A campaign is needed to restore some balance and sanity to our schools and to establish the limits of acceptable behaviour.

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