Time to withdraw

IT was pleasing to read the letter from Frank Carruthers (TES, June 2) on "decent" inspectors.

OFSTED was set up as a way of using market forces, private companies and league tables to improve the quality of learning in the nations schools.

There were undoubtedly very poor schools and OFSTED has done its job with rigour under Chief Inspector Chris Woodhead to make them and the nation aware of their shortcomings. The debate should not be about the quality of OFSTED teams, it should be about their relinquishing power in the near future. The job's over guys!

Frank Carruthers has done us all a service b referring to Her Majesty's Inspectors seven times in his letter. He recognises their neutralism, professionalism and ability to monitor OFSTED.

The time has now come for HMI to take over. The onset of performance management will ensure that teachers, and therefore schools, will improve year on year.

Your columnist Diane Hofkins in the same edition reminds us that formative assessment will help teachers move children on rather than just test what they know. I hope Tony Blair will trust teachers, Diane.

Peter Tiley

Primary teacher

52 Forestview Road



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