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The Times BFI London Film Festival

So naturally, dear reader, your knowledge of foreign cinema is matched only by your expertise in organic cooking and your passion for Swedish design. But what about your plebbish chums who think watching Shallow Hal with the subtitles on constitutes a mind-expanding experience?

Luckily for them, The Times BFI London Film Festival brings its civilising influence to the capital for two weeks from Thursday, laying on a tasty buffet of international and home-grown cinema that should tempt even the numbest of palates.

Let's Finish!!!, a Korean road trip movie (pictured below) about strangers brought together by an internet suicide pact, and We Want Roses Too, a documentary about the sexual revolution in 1960s and 1970s Italy, both screen this Saturday.

I'm Not There, director Todd Haynes' much-hyped biopic of Bob Dylan, where the Kermit-voiced strummer is brought to life by six actors including Cate Blanchett, also shows later in the month, and there are live interviews with the likes of Steve Buscemi and directors Harmony Korine and Robert Rodriguez.

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