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Tips of the trade

Mix some PVA glue and poster paint (add a drop of water if the mixture is too thick) and use this to extend your displays to your classroom windows. You can paint straight on to the windows with this - and it peels off easily after use.

This method is particularly useful for displays related to Diwali (festival of light) or for other RE-related stained-glass windows.

Whenever you're in your local supermarket, take a fewcomplimentary recipe cards and laminate them for use as a classroom resource. Older children can use them to look at how they are eye-catching to the reader and study the language and vocabulary they use. Younger children can also use them as props for role-play.

And here's another tip. In my classsroom, I have a very confined space for desks, drawers, work trays and so on; there are 34 pupils in the class and I don't even have a desk myself.

In this situation, there isa tendency for the class to become chaotic if children try to collect classwork from trays all at once. So I number the children in class from one to six. Then I give thema mental maths quiz in which the answers range from one to six. As the quiz progresses, the group corresponding to each answer can return work to their trays withrelatively little fuss or congestion. This game is particularly useful at the end of the day as children prepare to leave school.

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