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Tips of the trade 43. Literacy corner

I have a corner of the classroom devoted to words. As well as the class library, which I try to change every term, swapping books with other classes, the wall displays include advertisements, leaflets about local events, newspaper pages, weather reports and sport.

Once an idea has taken off, groups of children are allocated to a particular section with responsibility for updating the display. I encourage them to add to it with their own writing, advertisements for toys they like, free recipes, or food labels. Children are challenged every week to spot what's new. I also have a box with catalogues, annuals, football and other sports pamphlets, and a selection of "how to make" books.

Usually during the morning or afternoon registration, children are allowed free choice of reading. This has its disadvantages, though - they are often so absorbed that they don't respond when their names are called.

Angela Pollard

Angela Pollard teaches maths at Crescent school, an independent primary in Rugby, Warwickshire. Do you have any useful tips for new teachers?We pay pound;50 for all tips published (about 300 words). Send yours to

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