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Literacy - Ages 7-11

Literacy - Ages 7-11

Literacy - Ages 7-11

To explore characterisation in your current class novel, arrange the room like a chat show studio with an audience and a panel of characters.

Explain to the pupils that there is going to be a discussion about certain characters and themes within the class book.

If using The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, you might choose a particular theme - what was it that made Edmund betray his family with the White Witch?

The teacher acts as the host to keep the pupils on track and discusses a bit of the background to set the scene (just like live chat shows).

Choose pupils to act out certain characters. Edmund can also be introduced to explain his motives - such as jealousy. The rest of the class can ask him questions or state their opinions.

This activity helps to consolidate learning and can be followed up with written work. It also works well with PSHE looking at dilemmas.

Cindy Silvester is a supply teacher in Greater Manchester.

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