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Toilet training

St Andrew's College of Education, as it still is, has what must be the only open-plan gents in Scottish education, perhaps a reflection on the Notre Dame nuns who built it.

Male students and staff using the facility at the end of the main teaching block need only turn sideways to realise that they can see directly out into the car park through the non-frosted glass window and outsiders can see in.

It is good to know, however, that an attempt has been made at a partial cover-up. Much in the same way that teachers in open-plan schools use cupboards and screens as substitute walls, the college authorities have erected, so to speak, a delicate lace curtain halfway up the pane of glass. All that is now visible from the car park are the heads of the gents in the urinals above the curtain, Parisian pissoir-style.

Glasgow University should be grateful that this sort of imaginative management will be part of the bounty that could come from its marriage of, er, convenience with St Andrew's College.

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