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Tomlinson in brief

* New diploma system available at four levels: entry, foundation, intermediate and advanced, from 2014.

* Diploma to incorporate all existing exams, including GCSEs, A-levels, vocational qualifications and apprenticeships.

* All diplomas to consist of compulsory "core" of functional literacy, numeracy and computer skills, an extended research or practical project and optional modules modelled on GCSEs, A-levels and vocational courses.

* Diplomas to be awarded on a credit basis, with pupils gaining points for passing courses.

* Pupils take diplomas when they are ready rather than at a set age

* All levels of diploma below advanced assessed mainly by teachers.

* Both diploma and courses within it to be graded.

* Advanced Extension Awards to be incorporated into advanced diplomas, with A+ and A++ grades to distinguish between the most able.

* "Wider activities" such as sport, arts, community work recognised in the diploma.

* Electronic transcripts, setting out details of students' achievements in all courses, to be made available.

* Vocational programmes to be improved and students given better guidance on future options.

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